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Tu marca personal

Tu marca personal es simplemente tu reputación. Después de buscar varias definiciones me quedo con la de Jeff Bezos, CEO de Amazon: “Tu marca...


Journaling is a Superpower

Journaling offers an opportunity for self-reflection, self-care, resilience and big-picture thinking.


Resilience: genetic or learnt?

A lot has been said about resilience in the last few years, but my impression is that very few people really understand the concept.



When working as an executive coach, I get the opportunity to see clients with deeply ingrained habits who would like to change them but find it a...


Ethical dilemmas in coaching

As a coach I find myself facing ethical dilemmas. These can be my own, or my clients’. An ethical dilemma is defined


El "She-Session"

En todas las crisis hay ganadores y perdedores y claramente en la crisis del COVID-19 las grandes perdedoras han sido las mujeres.