Why The Faculty Club

Find top educators* to accelerate your transformation, fast.


* and executive coaches, business school professors, consultants, industry experts, learning specialists, program designers and orchestrators.
The Faculty Club helps you engage with the best experts to train and develop your people.

We enable and encourage direct communication with educators. Leave the vetting process to us.


Eliminate the middle-man. By skipping the mark-up you can make your budget go 3x further.


Share your corporate training needs and receive relevant solutions in less than 48 hours. 


Balvinder Powar

IE Business School adjunct professor of Leadership and Innovation Culture

Preethi Nair

Author, Storytelling and Communications specialist

Roger Steare

The Corporate Philosopher. Leadership and Ethics professor at Cass Business School

Michel Fender

HEC Paris adjunct professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Erica Sosna

Careers expert, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of Your Life Plan

Adrian Pryce

Strategy and ESG professor at the University of Northampton


Deepa Prahalad

Author, speaker and Innovation ad Design consultant

Mark Fritz

Leading High-Performing Teams, Outcomes and Ownership expert

Samineh Shaheem

Learning and Development consultant, professor of Psychology and Leadership

Javier Marcos

Cranfield associate professor of Strategic Sales Management and Negotiation

Dhiraj Mukherjee

Co-Founder of Shazam, speaker and Innovation expert

Ken Dubin

IE Business School professor of Strategy and ESG specialist

What our Educators say about working with The Faculty Club

“I find The Faculty Club an invaluable network - connecting faculty with organisations. Working directly with an organisation allows me to gain a complete understanding of their needs so my training is much more impactful. This was key for me to participate in Santander’s most aspiring programme for their top executives.”

“The Faculty Club enabled me to speak directly to Santander Bank and quickly understand their needs for their top executives. I had the privilege to present the opening keynote, aligned with their aspirational view of the future. The Faculty Club feels like the future of executive education taking shape today.”

“Working with The Faculty Club has enabled me to work directly with organisations without the micro-management and politics that sometimes gets in the way of great work. Marcos Gorgojo has excellent knowledge and expertise of executive education and I recommend that other educators try this route to market.”

Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic

Professor of Leadership and Management at Hult Ashridge ExEd


Antonio Moar

Motivational trainer and Business Transformation specialist

Leigh Bowman-Perks

Author, executive coach, facilitator and speaker

Joe DiVanna

Author, financial consultant and global public speaker

Salam Al Kurdi

Wellbeing expert and Organizational Development specialist

Paul Thurman

Columbia University professor of Strategic Management and Data Analysis

Natalia Martínez Peraita

Professional coach and facilitator, Diversity and Inclusion expert

Andy Lopata

Networking and Communications specialist

Sami Mahroum

Solvay professor of Innovation and director at Dubai Future Labs

Dragan Milicevic

Leadership expert and international executive coach

Ana Sánchez Linares

Learning specialist and former Global Head of CX at Headspring

Seb Wichmann

Learning specialist and executive coach

“The Faculty Club (TFC) is an exciting new concept in executive education, one that enables commercially-minded academics to raise their profile within the business world globally. TFC's unique approach is agile, flexible and offers a tailored response that matches academic talent to management development needs. Marcos Gorgojo, the brains behind TFC, not only has significant blue chip experience in this space but also brings a highly personal touch through care and concern for both his corporate clients and network of educators, with a passion to open up the market for executive education for the benefit of all.”

The Faculty Club exists to triple your Learning and Development budget, and to save you the time of finding and vetting the experts you need.

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